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Useful Italian words

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Couldn't agree with you more Anne - absolute number one priority! 
I can still remember the panic stricken face of an italian when he had to direct me to a loo with no paper.  Little did he know I was prepared for such eventualities!   ;D ;D

This list is pretty accurate although I there are some discrepancies:

Fatto a Mano = Made by hand
Ciotola = Bowl or basin
Alzata =cake tray or cake stand
Vassoio = Tray
Molatura = any type of cold working technique
Portacenere/Posacenere = Ashtray
Manico = Handle (Maniglia/e can also be used)
Murrina/e = for the decorative glass chips Murano is famous for
If you are ever having trouble translating something and just need a word, a great site I use for various translations is called:

It is a bit like a wikipedia of language.  There are a number of languages available and there are user discussions/help for each word, the site has helped me quite a lot.


--- Quote from: InfinityVetro on November 08, 2012, 11:05:16 AM ---Murrina/e = for the decorative glass chips Murano is famous for

--- End quote ---

Had to laugh at that one... might have a few here spluttering though ;-)

G'day All

Here are some useful terms and words that we use in our daily operations which will give you a good idea when looking at Murano Glass


Tutto Oro - ALL Gold
Ametista - Amethyst
Oro - Gold
Rubino - Ruby
Nero - Black
Fume - Smoke
Bianco - White
Cobalto - Cobalt
Verde - Green
Aranchio - Orange
Pasta - Paste


Tre Fuochi - 3 Fires
Smalti - Hand enamelling
Ciao Siamo - About Us
Coroso - Surface technique where the outer layer is dipped in Acid to give a corroded effect

More to come!



silver stain:
In Italy we call  clear glass  : vetro trasparente.
Label = etichetta
packing = imballo
box = scatola
goblet = calice
bubble = bolle
blemish = difetto


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