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Sklounion: Percival Marson, Glass and Glass Manufacture Alleghenny Plate Glass Co Walter Rosenhain,  Glass Manufacture 1919 Charles Winston: Memoirs Illustrative of the art of glass Painting 1865  Biser, B.F. Glass Manufacture 1899  Hovestadt et al, Jena glass and its scientific and industrial applications.1902 The Drama of Glass - Kate Field, Libbey Glass Co Reminiscences of glass-making - Jarves, Deming, 1790-1869 Ancient stained and painted glass - Eden, F. Sydney (Frederick Sydney) Solubility and biocompatibility of glass - Clark, Arthur Edward, 1947- OLD GLASS EUROPEAN AND AMERICAN - N.HUDSON MOORE The Glass Dealer's Ready Reckoner - Pilkington Brothers , Ltd, Pilkington Brothers, St. Helens , Lancashire of Sunlight on Glass - Thomas Gaffield The Glass Worker (Volume nos. 46-48) - Amalgamated Glass Workers' International Association of America Dissolved gases in glass - Washburn, Edward W. (Edward Wight), 1881-1934 CAMBRIDGE GLASS 1818-1888 - LAUA WOODSIDE WATKINS EXCURSIONS IN OLD GLASS - FLORA RUPE MILLS GLASS AND GLASSWARE - HELEN MARY LEHMANN Stained Glass In France - Charles Hitchcock Sherrill English table glass - Bate, Percy H., 1868-1913 Glass Manufacture and the Glass Sand Industry of Pennsylvania - Charles Reinhard Fettke The Story Of Sandwich Glass - And Glass Workers

Fifty years of glass making : 1869-1919 - Macbeth-Evans Glass Company, Pittsburgh, Pa


Two Hundred Pattern Glass Pitchers Volume I - Minnie Watson Kamm

A Second Two Hundred Pattern Glass Pitchers - Minnie Watson Kamm

Report on the manufacture of glass - United States. Census Office. 10th census, 1880  

The Crown glass cutter and glazier's manual - William Cooper

Laboratory Manual of Glass-blowing - Francis Cowles Frary

The Romance of Glass-making - Walter Gandy

A handbook of laboratory glass-blowing (Volume 2) - Bolas, Bernard D

Information concerning optical glass and chemical glassware - United States Tariff Commission

Stained glass work; a text-book for students and workers in glass - Whall, Christopher, 1849-1924

... The Glass Industry: Report on the Cost of Production of Glass in the United States ... - United States Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, United States Bureau of foreign and domestic commerce (Dept . of commerce)

The crown glass cutter's & glazier's assistant : containing calculations of the various sizes of glass squares ... - Hall, John W

Old English glasses. An account of glass drinking vessels in England, from early times to the end of the eighteenth century. With introductory notices, original documents, etc - Hartshorne, Albert, b. 1839

Wonders of glass-making in all ages - Sauzay, Alexandre, 1804-1870

Recipes for flint glass making : being leaves from the mixing book of several experts in the flint glass trade ...

Cut and engraved glass, 1771-1905; the collectors' guide to American wares - Daniel, Dorothy, 1905-

The methods of glass blowing, and of working silica in the oxy-gas flame; - Shenstone, W. A. (William Ashwell), 1850-1908

An inquiry into the difference of style observable in ancient glass paintings, especially in ... - Charles Winston

American Glassware, Old and New: A Sketch of the Glass Industry in the ... - Edwin Atlee Barber

A Memoir on British Resources of Sands and Rocks Used in Glass Making - P.G.H Boswell

Senaca Glass - National Park Service

Check list of early American bottles and flasks - Van Rensselaer, Stephen, 1871?-1945

Diamond Hall catalogue. -- - Ryrie Bros

Irish glass : an account of glass-making in Ireland from the XVIth century to the present day - Westropp, M. S. Dudley (Michael Seymour Dudley), 1868-1954

České sklo: příspěvky k dějinám jeho až do konce XVIII. století - František Mareš

Fabrication et travail du verre - Ministère de l 'industrie et du travail , Belgium
Le verre: son histoire, sa fabrication - Eugène Peligot

Histoire de la peinture sur verre en Limousin - Jacques Rémi A . Texier

An essay on the art of painting on glass. From the German - Emmanuel Otto Fromberg

Glas (Glass)

Glas in Kultur und Technik : e. Werkstoff, seine Entwicklung u. Gegenwart - Jebsen-Marwedel, Hans

Das Glas im Altertume (Volume 1) - Kisa, Anton, 1857-1907

Das Glas im Altertume (Volume 2) - Kisa, Anton, 1857-1907

La verrerie en Gaule sous l'Empire romain - Morin-Jean, b.1877

Corrected link to the Gaffield item. Action of Sunlight on Glass - Thomas Gaffield


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