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Not strickly murano...: Ichendorf bubbly "Pulegoso"


Hi guys 1st post on this board  :)

I realise there is a bit of cross polenation of expertise across the boards so I will ask my question here in the murano, if it is generally felt to be more appropriate on the general board, then I will post there...
My qustion relates to a request for general information on an italien factory called 'Itchendorf' on reserach after believing this to be a germanic concern I am led to believe they are italien...has anyone out there got any info on them and there designers  :?:

Thanks in advance

Ichendorf is German, it is near Cologne. They went under in the 60s and were known for bubbly glass - the pulegoso type. Otherwise there is precious little I can tell you...

thanks Ivo...I was confused (grrr at me and google) the word you used to describe the bubbly glass (which is what I have) 'pulegoso' sounds it? I am going to list this on the general board so you dont have to answer here  :o although a simple yes will suffice

stop press. Turns out the name Ichendorf is in use by a Venice glass dealer who mainly exports to the US

but he original factory in Germany had a solid reputation:
& brush up your Italian

Pulegoso is "having tiny flea-size air bubbles in Italian glass" - also known as foam, or (to intimi) as Aerobar glass.


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