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Tapio Wirkkala - 3036 Signed White Vase


Hi Everyone,
I just bought a vase which I thought was Murano and found it has a signature "Tapio Wirkkala - 3036" underneath. I wanted to know if this kid of signature was old or new. The vase is pretty tall at 9 3/4" tall x 7 1/2" long, and very thin at only 2 13/16" wide. It looks like a large rectangle from the front, but from the top you can see it is a thin oval shape. I havent handled anything by this maker before so would appreciate the help!
Here's the photo:


Javier, Tapio Wirkkala was a Finnish designer who worked for a while with Venini on Murano. He produced a highly successful and well-known incalmo range called Bolle - there's a page showing these here: and Angela's site has a page about Venini which has some more about Wikkala's time there:

Hi Javier

what you have there is made by the Finnish glassworks of Iittala, it is commonly known as an 'ovalis' vase. it is a production piece from the 50's and 60's and came in four sizes ranging from 10cm tall to 35cm tall. No all that 'rare' but as u know an attractive piece in its simplicity.

Hello Anne and Formgiva!
Thank you for the links and information!

Here's the signature, in case others wanted to look at it....

Tapio Wirkkala - 3036

It is really hard to see since the piece is white, but i tried.
Thanks again!


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