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Was wondering if anyone recognised this? It looks familiar, but I can't place it, or make it out.

Pics vanished, but they would have been in violation of copyright. Thread retained for info.

It would be helpful if you posted a pic of the glass too, Pinkspoons.
Cheers Ruth

Sorry, my brain was feeling a bit durr last night.  :lol:

T'is 21cm high - and almost Holmegaard-ish in shape. And the neck is cylindrical - those are just reflections making it seem shaped.

I don't recognise the glass at all but the first word looks like ampullo or ampulla and that fits with the tubular structure!
 How intriguing. Good luck.
Ruth  :)

Anne E.B.:
I'm intrigued :?   The mark looks like an incorrect spelling for Humppila except that I can only see one 'p' and what looks like two 'l's.  ??? :?
What auction are you looking at?

Anne E.B. :wink:


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