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confirmation for lilac (?) Czech. cream pot


Paul S.:
something from lunchtime in the charity shop  -  which I am thinking is a cream pot  -  as it seems the wrong shape for a powder puff.   An attractive pale  lilac/mauve colour, with a uniformly smooth base, showing some reasonable scratches and wear (couple of nicks I'm afraid - but still very nice).  Size about 12 cms. by about 10.5 cms.     Unfortunately, I'm in trouble with an acid back stamp again, which is indistinct, and not all there  -  but in view of the outline  -  the shape of the piece - and the wear  -  makes me think of Cechoslovakia 1930's - sort of Deco look.    This back stamp does look very similar to one shown in Ruth Forsythe's book on Czechoslovakian glass  -  'Made - Czechoslovakia'  running around the inside of the thin ring  -  and the work 'In'  in the centre.   But I might be wrong, and cud be wishful thinking.   I couldn't improve on that pic, sorry.   Grateful for anyone's thoughts, and thanks for looking.     cheers       Paul S.

You have most of that right, it is Czech, 1930s, Deco and part of a toilet set. It is panel cut, the material is Neodymium glass and the maker could be anyone - even Moser.

Paul S.:
sincere thanks Ivo  -  I must be improving a little.  In fact the fist piece of Neodymium that I have found  -  certainly a very attractive colour - and I must now see if I can spot the colour change - I believe the changes occur in daylight and fluourescent lighting ??    A good Deco style as well, and the possibility of being Moser sounds very up market!    thanks again.   Paul S.


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