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My New Åseda Glasbruk Vase

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I got a new Åseda vase today. It appears to be like many of the so called "jack in the pulpit" type ones at first glance.

It is completely clear but thats not too unusual. I have a few in clear. It also has a slightly fluted edge on the top and vaguely hexagonal base. This is common in the orange ones and I also have a sapphire blue coloured one like this.

The big difference with this one is that it has square and rectangular bubbles! Not round ones! I have never seen this before. It also has the later label. I think this denotes the time when Åseda were part of the Royal Krona group. Hence the crown on the label.

It is quite big and chunky compared to the standard ones. It is 10" tall and the base is 3" in diameter. I have had some others that size before.

I hope this is of interest.

Vidlfetch :D

Nice one, congrats. Which brings me to another question: has anyone ever seen the symbol on the label as a signature prunt?  The symbol is the old alchemist symbol for "glass" and was obviously used by various companies. I think Skruf used it, obviously Aseda used it on their labels - but as a prunt?

Anne E.B.:
Fascinating vase Vidfletch!  but how on earth are square bubbles made?  The mind boggles :?

Anne E.B. :wink:

By rolling the base on square spikes I can only presume.

Vidfletch :D


--- Quote from: "Ivo" --- has anyone ever seen the symbol on the label as a signature prunt?
--- End quote ---

Do you have an example?

ex Hartmann
Haidemühler Glashüttenwerke - Germany c1930-1940 Mark on pressed glass various variations.


Wilhelm vom Eiff - germany 1920-35 not stated what type but as he was an engraver...

Voss-Schrader (Kristensen) engraved - denmark 1992


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