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Another Weird "Knobbly" Vase?

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Hello again!
Anyone seen this piece before? The vase is clear with a dark Olive green colored swirls, fading to a lighter green. Thought this might be a "knobbly" vase, but when I did the search for the term no photos came up that looked like this one.

The piece does have a inverted pontil mark (polished circle), but it is not ground flat on the bottom. I could not find a signature either. The piece is really heavy and 6 3/4" tall.
Any ideas?

It's a Whitefriars streaky knobbly Javier.   Designed (better check this bit) by William Wilson & Harry Dyer in1963 produced until 1972.

Undervalued at present IMHO, not sure why, they're just not terribly popular.

Hello Max!
Thank you so much, I really like this piece. Some of the others I have seen just seemed forced. You know what I mean? This one feels so natural and organic. Im keeping it!!! :D

Hello Max,  you are right.  I really love these vases especially the streaky ones as this is...can't understand why the values aren't there.  They are so heavy....... the strain on the glassblowers shoulders must have been immense!  Made with an S-shaped tool to shape the glass before being blown, no two are alike, making each one unique. And by the way Javier, Whitefriars in general never signed their glass.  When it was new, there were labels, some still exist.  Gorgeous piece and looks in fabulous condition.   Emmi

Why do some people refer to these Knobbly vases as End Of Day glass?

I once saw a knobbly vase with symetrical knobbly bits all the way round and green and purple streaks. I've never seen one like it before and I think it must have taken great skill to shape it with such perfection.  :)


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