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Blue Cranes Vase - Hadeland Glass Signature!

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Hello again Everyone!
This piece is also signed, but I cannot understand what the name might be.
I know that at the end it has "S.D." but cannot read the first part of it.

Also thought this was an interesting piece because it has flying Blue Cranes all the way around it. They look like they are painted on, but they are deep inside the glass, and look like were made with powders. Also looks like a few layers of glass were used, with a thick casing of clear glass on top.

Have any of you seen this design or signature before?
Thanks again!

Anne E.B.:
Javier it is Hadeland.

Anne E.B. :wink:

Hello Anne!
Thank you for the fast ID!
Is the signature with the "S.D." for a designer's name? or time period?


Anne E.B.:
Just checked Ivo's A-Z for signatures for Hadeland, Norway.  Could the last letter be a P or a B?

Sverre Petterson 1926-49
Severin Broby 1956c-72

Thank goodness for Ivo's book :lol:

Anne E.B :wink:

Hi Anne,
I really cannot tell which it is, could be either by the way it is signed.
Does it show how the B or P were signed?
I wil try and take a photo tonight with the room light, which is actually making the signature look better than daylight right now.


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