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Langham Glass


Anne E.B.:
I don't know anything about Langham Glass, but spotted this pw today and had to have it, so I thought I'd show it off :lol:   The seller tells me she has had it for fifteen years or so.  It has its label still intact and on the base is acid etched(?) LANGHAM ENGLAND.  Its one of those kind of things that you just have to hold and touch :roll:   I think it was a good buy for £3.  I just love the combination of colours and bubbles. :P

Anne E.B. :wink:

Langham Glass are in Norfolk Anne. I have a clear glass bunny with the same etched mark on the base. They have a website here showing their current product range:, hope this helps. :)

PS £3 sounds like a good price to me - see their catalogue for current prices. ;)

Anne E.B.:
Thanks very much Anne for the link :P .  I love their "Birds of a Feather" collection from their current range!  There's a sweet little robin that I wouldn't mind putting on my Christmas list :P

Regards - t'other Anne E.B. :wink:


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