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Stevens & Williams?


Stevens & Williams ‘candy stripe’ or ‘swirl’ vases & bowls – here is picture of a pink and green vase and a posy bowl in blue and green with a strong attribution to S&W

This is the vase I was wondering about as it is so often attributed to S&W, I don’t think it is the quality is good and the stripes are very like S&W, but what about the shape and did S&W ever do a gold and green candy stripe?


nigel benson:

The posy bowl and the barrel shaped vase both appear to be from the 'Rainbow Ware' range produced by Stevens and Williams in the 30's and 50's.

I have handled an identical spherical, deeply ribbed, vase in green and gold (amber) and came to the conclusion that this is from a different factory. From memory I believe the finish on the base is wrong. The deep ribs are uncharacteristic of S & W and the colours do match their palete. There are too many question marks concerning this vase therefore I do NOT believe that it is by S & W/ RB.



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