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Davidson Pearline??

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I have here a salt given to me  by a friend who used to keep her radiator key in it, had new heating system installed so salt became redundant how sad is that :cry:

Now my questions is it Davidson and how old is it? Maybe one for Glen.

Thanks in advance


Doris, It looks as if could be Davidson, Lady Chippendale pattern. Have a look at this one and compare it with yours to confirm:

Hello Anne
Bingo!!!! Same one exactly. Thank you so much.

I love it when I can put a query to bed.


Wonderful, glad it helped Doris. :) I have the same item but in pink (in fact I have a pair of them) - so far I've only seen them in lemon pearline and in pink, but I'm sure they were made in other colours as well!  :lol:

Bernard C:
Doris — Davidson's name for this pattern was the "1908 Suite", Rd. No. 514848 of November 1, 1907.

"Lady Chippendale" is a modern name which is at best confusing, as Chippendale glass made by Davidson is quite different.

You will find the original Davidson pattern names in Chris & Val Stewart's website and their newly published Davidson Glass — A History.

Bernard C.  8)


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