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Gold decorated ruby candy box: ID probably WMF 1950s



I would appreciate any leads as to the manufacturer or decorator of this ruby candy dish. It is 5.5" high x 6.5" wide. There are no marks on the bottom. It is actually ruby glass and not flashed or stained. It is somewhat thin glass but not terribly delicate.

The decoration is fired and obviously professionally executed. I also have an emerald green candy dish, differently shaped, with the same type decoration.

I believe this piece to be about 50 years old, it is certainly not from the 1930s or earlier. My thoughts are either Czech or West Germany.

I have not found this piece in any of the standard glass books in America and would appreciate the groups thoughts on which direction might be fruitful for identification.

Thanks in advance,

Michael Palmer
Glass House

As a comparison I have this piece available:
I was under the impression it is WMF from the fifties and I would suspect a similar provenance for your candy box. Other makers of ruby decorated wares (Powell in the UK, Laeken in Belgium, several Murano makers) all seem to have had a different style - and the Chechs did not come online with any serious production until the sixties. This is not a definite attribution, I'm afraid.

Any fresh thoughts on these?

I can now offer Weisswasser and Hirschberg in Germany as possible sources. Timewise most likely 1960s


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