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Some ID help needed here.

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Thanks for any help.

Hi Elaine,
your blue goblet should be this

August Walther Saxonia 1904  :)

Tony H:
Hi Guys
I have sent an email to Elaine with ID for Lisa's Pitcher her site is set to recieve emails for each ID.

If anyone is interested in EAPG (Early American Pattern Glass) this is one of the best places I have found and Elaine and her husband are great people and very helpfull.

Lisa's Pitcher is Carnation I belive it is by Lancaster glass Co 1911 Made in extended table service Crystal and decorated. This is the only piece I have seen here in New Zealand.

My ID in the first place came from Susan Ritchie who had a web site for EAPG, and later in Mollie Helen McCain The Collectors Encyclopedia of Patter Glass, Plate 126 Flowers (page262) not easy to ID from drawing

Hope this my be of some help to you, please let me know if you find any more info on ID

Tony H in NZ[/b]

Hi Tony,
looking forward to Elaine returning to the forum!

yours is still here unknown :P


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