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This thread is intended for AUTHORS to advise of errors that have appeared in their books.

In "A Century of Carnival Glass" by Glen & Stephen Thistlewood.

Page 17. A post editing typo that was not caught. The bowl captioned as "Fanciful" by Dugan/Diamond is actually "Round Up" by Dugan/Diamond.

The Carnival Glass community have been informed of this in the past - but thank you for this opportunity to note it down again.

Corrections to various books by Tom Bredehoft, by the author at:

nigel benson:
There are a couple of corrections to "Miller's Glass of the 50's & 60's: A Collector's Guide", author, Nigel Benson, and a note about a third item.

Under "Blown Cased Glass", page 12: "Knobberly" is a typing error and should read "KNOBBLY".

Under "Manufactured Glass", page 51: Press-moulded vases, Czechoslavakia (Czech Republic). The vase illustrated is designed by VLADISLAV URBAN and NOT Jiri Repesek.

Under "Figurative Glass", page 54: There has been an observation that the "People" decanter illustrated is not by Erik Hoglund. Although very similar it exhibits characteristics, such as the plastic peg sleeve to the stopper, that suggest this may be either 'inspired by' Hoglund, or else it is an adaptation of the design that has been used as a commercial bottle to promote the alcoholic contents.

Corrections to catalogue "Art Deco to Post Modernism, A Legacy of British Art Deco Glass" for the cut glass exhibition held by Nigel Benson (author) and Jeanette Hayhurst (photography and captions) from September 2003, that dealt with the unsung designers and manufaturers of British cut glass between c1920 and c1970:

Page 9, caption 13: “Platter…..” should read “Tray for Trinklet (Dressing Table) Set…..”.

Page 9, caption 14: As caption 13.

Page 25, para 3, line 3: “…possible….” should read, “…..possibly….”

Page 26, para 2, line 8: ….. “Queensberry”……, should read,  ………”Queensway”……

Page 28, caption 145: Remove “….designed by David Smith 1950’s,….”

Page 30, captions, 155, 156 and 157: “Domino” should be replaced by “Queensway”.

The author is grateful for any information about corrections needed that have come to the attention of readers. Please contact Nigel Benson, via his website. Thanks.


A website dedicated to correcting mistakes in EAPG books.



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