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Two more paperweights.

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For some unexplained reason, the Japanese suddenly started making paperweights in and through the 1960s. And just as suddenly, they stopped making them, or possibly never sent any out of Japan, but still attempt the art form.

The solid orange paperweight with cream stripe is in the Marbrie style and is Japanese, from sometime in the 1960s. I had a few of them that were brought back as a gift for me from a relative who went to Japan. Exact style as yours. One was reddish orange, one green, and one blue. She found them in an antique shop in Osaka. I sold them in the late 1990s. But be assured that it's Japanese.

The other weight - green base, elongated bubbles - is a basic gift shop or bric-a-brac shop paperweight and is from China. The Communists, not the Taiwanese. Those weights sell for around $7.99 in card shops and gift shops all over the U.S. and in home decor departments of large stores.

Anne E.B.:
Many thanks EstlinClichy  :P   Quite a surprise to discover its Japanese.  It does look very retro and 60s with its almost psychedelic colouring.  I just love it - its a real blast from the past :lol:

Regards - Anne E.B. :wink:


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