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Halloween Glass


Paul ADK:
Thought folks might like to see a small collection of glass appropriate for Halloween.  As to manufacture, to date, I haven't the foggiest.  (All were purchased at garage sales for a maximum of $3.00 each.)

Sizes are as follows (left to right)
#1 = 8" (white cased)
#2 = 8 1/" (plain, uncased)
#3 = 9 3/4" (white cased)
#4 = 22" (I know I should recognize this but the mfg. name escapes me.)
#5 = 12" (white cased)
#6 = 10" (white cased)

At least in preview, I can't get this to come out as a true link.  If you can not find the photo on webshots, I will need to play with it some more.

Mod: Paul has deleted images and dispersed collection, thread retained for info about LE Smith.

What a wonderfully vibrant grouping - they really do look cheerful don't they?  I have no idea who made any of them I'm afraid, but thanks for sharing them. It's one of those pics that will brighten up a grey, gloomy, damp autumn day.

The big one in the middle is L.E. Smith Glass Bittersweet.  Sometimes you see these with a Fayette Glass Handmade but I think they are the same company, different labels or one made glass for the other.

Paul ADK:
Thanks for the identification Connie.   I  must be getting feeble minded.   Somewhere tucked away in a box we must have at least two or three smaller examples in different colors that I know I looked up years ago, then obviously promptly forgot.

By the way, I don't know if anyone is interested in seeing them, but tomorrow  or Tuesday I will try to post a few more examples of glass we picked up at various garage sales this fall, including a couple of glass percolators from the 40's that I think are really neat.


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