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Uranium trinket pieces - Id = Brockwitz 5900

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I believe these are part of a set made by Brockwitz.I have seen the full set complete with matching perfume bottle in amber in an antiques centre.

Brockwitz would surprise because their uranium is usually the very palest green without a hint of yellow in my experience. That looks distinctly on the yellow side of green.

Hi Nige, thanks for the pointer.... :kissy:

I've just been through the Brockwitz catalogue pages and the closest to it is the 5900 pattern, but I'm not sure if it matches Stu's pieces as his pics aren't clear enough to tell. The 5900 has (from left to right) a circle, then three vertical lines of unequal length crossed by a diagonal, then what looks almost like 3 small leaves in a \|/ formation. The shape of Stu's pieces seem to be similar but we need to match the pattern as well. Stu, can you compare yours with the catalogue page here please?

 :thup: :thup: :thup:

Good work one and all - you have it to a tee!  This is a "solved".

Huge thanks.


Fab! Thanks for telling us Stu, and thanks to Nige for the info.  :hiclp:


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