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Modern Murano but how modern


Hello all I have obtained this little vase which I appreciate is modern but going on the label does anyone know how modern please.  I also see in the Murano Labels I think picture 3 is questioned as Murano and it does to be a part label of the one on this vase.


 I think you're referring to the label in Gallery like yours that goes with a Galliano Ferro label. It's definitely Murano. Yours is different, being that it looks like paper with a different bottom. I presume it's an early version of Svazzo's label. I've wondered if it were an early version of the Promovetro label. Yours has an "AC" on the left, while Svazzo's has "AF." The different letters would stand for different companies.

I would guess 70's /early 80's for yours, the label that is.



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