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Purple Jug & Glasses Set w/ Triangular Label: Riihimäki?

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I purchased a gorgeous deep purple jug and 6 matching glasses today with no markings - just bought, really, to satiate my glass jug obsession - and because it's a very pretty set. When I got them home, however, I found the glue traces of a label shaped like a triangle with rounded corners on the jug and some of the glasses, around 1.5cm length on each side - was just wondering if the design of the set and the style of label rang any bells with anyone?

Many thanks!

I'm thinking maybe G Hardy, who I think imported Aseda - you'll have to check that.  I'll see if I can get a pic of the sticker somewhere...

Edit:  Pic of sticker:

I edited this three times!   :shock:  Must be a record.

I tried photographing the residue as best I could, but it didn't show very well, so I outlined the shape in black. Unfortunately it doesn't look like a G. Hardy one.

Finally got around to taking a properly lit photograph!

Does it help and poke anyone in the memory department?  :lol:

A very nice set. At one stage Riihimäki had a clear triangular label, with curved corners. The text read Riihimäki / Suomi / Finland. Unfortunately, I don't have one I can photograph. Maybe someone else will, and could measure it for you.

The shape of the glasses looks kind of a possibility too. OK that's just speculation - and I'm probably hideously wrong.  :oops:  :oops:  :oops:

The only other triangular label that springs to mind is Süssmuth, but the corners are sharp & the set doesn't look typical of their production. I'll post a pic when my camera is charged.



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