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Green Sunray Pressed Glass Vase? Rd No 790213 ID = Sowerby

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It is 8 inches high and I think the frog is missing.

I've looked at the the British Registration number's but the registration number "790213" is not there. I presume that means it is not British.

Any information on this vase would be much appreciated. Thank you.

BTW, that is not my handbag in the picture. Black isn't my colour.  :lol:

That number was issued in 34/35 but not available on the free search...

I have the same vase in frosted green.Any idea of the maker? I thought maybe Bagley.
Julie  :)


It was made by Sowerby. See for an example in Amber Cloud. The design was registered on 12 Febraury 1934.



Thank you ChrisStewart for your help.  :D

oo hoo hoo hoooooo (That was meant to be Tigger's happy laugh but it could be confused with Santa Clause)  :lol:

The site says the vase is not commonly seen, so would it be OK to sell it on an Antique stall for £10-£20 (I live near Gateshead)? Or is that too much?

I seem to be a little hesitant when it comes to selling things. I have virtually given up on Ebay as I find it become's a bit boring after a while.

If a local item is sold at an antique fair, how much difference in price is it to an eBay price? Just curious.


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