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id for green siren/mermaid trinket box?? - Walther Nymphen

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Paul S.:
I've looked thru Anne's trinket sets and some of the Bagley information on the Wakefield Museum site, but no joy.    I does look as tho it cud have some possible likeness to Anne's Mystery Set No. 39  -  same sort to semi naked water nymph, and similar sort of etched Bagley matt surface  -  but I think I'm just clutching at mermaids, although I am convinced it must be part of a trinket set.    It is of course Uranium and glows well under the torch  -  about 10 cms. high and 9 cms. wide.   Any help much appreciated and thanks for looking.   Paul S.

Paul S.:
sorry - got a bit carried away there.  Try this one also.   Paul S.

Auguste Walther & Sohne and yes the small lidded bowl of a trinket set. Should be on Pamela's site.

Bagley uranium always veers towards a blueish green. Walther uranium comes in a yellowish green and a not quite so yellowish green. The mermaids are the yellowish green. Brockwitz is very pale green. Sowerby and Jobling (not the jade) are yellowish green. These are, of course, only pointers and it may depend on how good your colour discrimination is. You may need to ask a woman  :24:

oops - crossing...
It is on Pamela┬┤s site of course:

Paul S.:
sincere thanks to both of you - and guess I must be improving a little bit in view of the fact that I got as far as linking it with Anne's Mystery set no. 39 (with which it does match of course)  -  well at least Anne now now has a little more info. for her data on the trinkets.   And as usual a word of thanks to Pamela for her wonderful comrehensive site.    cheers       Paul S. 


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