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While I was temporarily posted in Nairobi, Kenya in the fall of 1970, I purchased a set of glassware
which came in sets of 6 - each glass engraved with a different animal.  I purchased sets of 8 and
told them I didn't care which duplicates they included.  Since I couldn't take them with me, they shipped
them to me in Monrovia, Liberia.  Included was a brochure that if there was any broken or damaged
pieces, circle the picture on the front of the brochure and they would replace them free of charge.
I believe I paid about $5.00 per glass at the time.  Since then, we had moved around the world and
lost a few pieces. I had always tried to find a way to replace them to no avail.
The brochure listed the mailing address as:
Rowland Ward (E.A.), Limited
PO Box 991
Nairobi, Kenya, Est Africa

I assume from reading your website, that these are no longer being made.  I was pretty sure that
when I opened the package back then that they were made in West Germany.  Any comments?

Hi and welcome to the board. Have you already found our earlier discussion about Rowland Ward here:,662.0.html - it has some info and an offer of catalogue scans which might be helpful.

Could you post some photos of your glasses here as that might help run down a maker as well. We have help for posting pics in the Help forum here:,6522.0.html

I too had a set of this glassware but am now down to one!  I would love to be able to replace them.  They were purchased in 1968-69 in Nairobi in the New Stanley Hotel showroom.  A magazine article I have refers to them as Rowland Ward's Big Game glassware, made in Bavaria.  I even called the hotel last year, but they never did come up with anything.  I've pretty much given up hope!

Mr ED:
I have a set of the glassware you refer to. I purchased my glassware in Nairobi, Kenya in June/August of 1979. The glassware comes in Clear & Ruby with various Big Game animals etched into the glass. Hence "Big Game Collection".
They were purchased from Rowland Ward LTD., (East Africa), City House, Nairobi, Kenya. They were made in Western Germany (Bavaria). I had them shipped to the U.S.
I have quite a collection from tumblers, water goblets, decanter, tankard, wines, punch bowl, & water jug, some in clear & some in ruby. All are in mint condition. The street value is approx. $4000.00.
They might be for sale as one unit.

I am interested in the Rowland Ward collection of etched crystal illustrating African big game.  Of particular interest is the beer mugs, glassware and water jug.  Any help in putting me on a path to locate would be helpful.  Thanks, Bryan.


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