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Since Peter (Paradisetrader) introduced me to Mdina and the glass from Malta I have kept an eye open. I attended an auction this past weekend and was very surprised by this whale.

My first thought was surely chinese and then I turned it over.

Anyone have any ideas on maker or date for this very interesting whale. Terry

David E:
Phoenician Glass? Isn't there a maker called Gozo as well - I know it's the name of a town on Malta.

I've just posted a link on the official Mtarfa link that lists a few animals that might be of interest:,2986.0.html

[edit - yes there is a Gozo glassmaker in Malta - Ivo's book reveals all]

Note the label clearly state Malta Decorative Glass and has the same initials around the Maltese cross MDG.

It says hand made but not in Malta so it could be a retailer importing glass, can someone check the Maltese phone book?

There is indeed a Malta Decorative Glass Co. Ltd. registered in Malta as of 2000/1 according to the Maltese National Audit office but that doesn't get us very far.
Its most likely the formal company name for one of the makers we already know about .....but which one ?
I have emailed the Malta Dept of Inormation

Unhelpful reply from Malta Dept of seems they haven't got any !! Just a ref to another Malta Gov't Dept.

So... I eventually found the Malta Yellow Pages and listed under glassblowers were:
Gozo Glass Ltd
Mdina Glass Ltd,
Mtarfa Glassblowers Ltd
Phoenician Glassblowers Ltd

So Malta Decorative Glass Co. Ltd would seem to be a different outfit from all of these and, it would seem, no longer trading.

Further reading of the Malta National Audit Office report 2000 reveals that the company was undergoing liquidation procedures at that time. Operations may have ceased some years previously.

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Hello, Have a look at the page from the Glass Cone on Mdina that Patrick Hogan put up for me in the thread on the Boffo penguin. (Scroll down a bit for the Mdina article, there's a mention of Malta Decorative Arts at the bottom - it would appear to be a Chinese venture.)


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