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opaque yellow incased in clear red jelly mould shape - ID = Sasaki, Japan

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my cameras at the shop being mended--  just bought an ashtray ,it looks like a jelly mould six petal pot  yellow opaque at base rising through to clear red ,,it has got a ridge type base maybe pressed and a mark on base with three s marks in a square spiragraph symble ,maybe hard to explain but couldnt wait for pictures ,, the ashtray looks like a trifle  lol , any ideas what it is ??thanx kerryn x

Sasaki from Japan

thanks :)it looks strangly edible but will stick to it as an ashtray then .  kerryn

Theres one on ebay under heading SOWERBY SIGNED MALACHITE URANIUM GREEN GLASS ASHTRAY  with same marks on bottom just in green instead they say its victorian era ?? the auction ends in 3 hours so not sure if anyone will be able to view the item after ,,

That is number 280414862082

confirmed Sasaki, Japan


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