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Sorry I've not been around for a while - I've been ill. What been helping my recdovery is glass and pottery hunting. On my travels I stumbled across a mermaid dressing table set. The candlesticks are mermaid ladies as are the finials on the bboxes. The tray itself is engraved with mermaids. All look as if they'd glow under ultraviolet. I've tried posting a picture but am having trouble despite compressing the image to an acceptable size. Can you please help? Pinky

Sorry to hear you've been ill Pinky, seem ages since you were here  :ghug: Hope recovery is well on its way.

This set

You're wonderful you are. It's EXACTLY the set in uranium green. Theres 2 mermaid candlesticks, 1 large trinket box, 2 smaller trinket boxes a ring tree and the tray. Thank you so much for your help. I had a really beastly bout of manic depression but I'm coming out of it now - my hands are still too shaky :rn:

Oh'er rmissus. A complete set and very desirable, particularly in good nick

No lustrous. Unfortunately theres nips and chips in bits. I'm wondering whether to have the set restored.


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