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Paul ADK:
I thought I would post a few more bits of glass we picked up this fall.  Since the server at Webshots has been acting up all day, I do not know if you will be able to enlarge the pictures this evening or see the descriptions.

#1 Is an attractive 7" pontiled vase made in China, but not "THAT" China.  According to the label, it was produced in Nationalist China AKA Taiwan.

#2 A Pyrex "Flameware" Coffee Pot that Was produced ca. 1955.

#3 Is a decorative Blenko Ram with label.  (I have seen several of these wrongly attributed to various European manufacturers.)

#4  Is a 7" Glasbake teakettle of Pyrex glass, again from the mid fifties.

#5 Is a quite unusual red flashed percolator manufactured by Kent Product, Chicago, Ill. in the 1940's.  I have the original brochure that came with the product.  

#6 Is a Kummel Bear that had been converted to a lamp.  Fortunately, it was not drilled and I was able to tea it apart without damage.

Cathy B:
Re the flameware pot - what's so special about these? I have about six of them and one innards, after the kids smashed one. They go for about $AUD 10.00.


Paul ADK:
Nothing particularly special about the Flameware percolator other than it was one of the three purchased at the same garage sale for a total of $5.00 US, and that one had never been taken out of the box until we brought it home.

It is interesting to see glassware items though Paul, thanks. We have had a couple of threads about what I call kitchen glassware - an area that sometimes gets overlooked with the focus on other types of glass.


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