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pattern No. request for Jade trinket set - ID = Davidson 8283 set

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Paul S.:
Apparently there are three Jade Trinket Tray pattern Nos. indicated on Chris and Val Stewart's Davidson web site - a No. 4, No. 5 (plain) and a No. 325.   Does anyone know please to which of these this one belongs.    Also, wud appreciate confirmation whether or not the pieces shown are the correct compliment to the tray shape, and whether all requisite bits are present.   thanks for looking.   Paul S.                P.S.   Just a word of thanks as always to Chris and Val Stewart for visual access to their many pieces of Davidson.

Hi Paul, the set is based on the 283 set - that's the basic pot / candlestick / pintray pattern shape.

Depending on how many pieces there were in the set it would be:
the 283 - a 7 piece set with the no.4 tray (an oval one), or
the 5283 (with 5 pieces inc. the oval tray), or
the 6283 (6 pieces inc. oval tray), or
the 8283 - an 8 piece set consisting of tray, two pintrays, two short candlesticks, one large lidded pot and two small lidded pots, but with a choice of either the no.4 oval tray, or the fancier-shaped no.5 tray like yours. 

I suspect yours is the 8283 missing a pintray but it's still a fabulous set and I'm the same colour as it atm!  :mrgreen:

BTW as I don't have any pics of this set may I use your photo for the trinket set website please? (With credits of course.)

Paul S.:
thanks very much Anne  -  I suppose when you think it has travelled thru time all the way from somewhere between 1931 - 1934, and lost one small pin tray only, it has done quite well.   It did cost me twelve quid at the boot sale, but must admit I'm a real fan of this Jade colour  - all I have to do now is find somewhere to keep it!   Be my guest with whatever pics. you wish to use  -  however, wud you prefer one or two slightly better images?   Let me know.    thanks again.    Paul S.

£12?! Ohhh I'm even more  :mrgreen: now Paul!!! 

If you have pics showing each piece separately that would be even better please...  I'm trying to show all the different pieces and their combinations on the site, so the more pics the better.  :thup:  Thank you!  :kissy:


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