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(Early) Clichy or St. Mande? Who knows ?

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Hello again  :lol:

Sorry for the poor photos, I try to make some better ones tomorrow, as today my oldest son has it´s 3rd Birthday  8)

But I must know, what kind of paperweight this will be.
It´s a miniature one, the glass and the size are similar to a Clichy piece I have. But I´m not sure, if it´s an (early) Clichy or probably a St. Mande ???

Here are some pictures of the canes:

Can somebody help me?

Many greetings

Can you post an overall view of the paperweight? Perhaps an overhead, a side view, and a bottom view. Thanks so much. Eager to see the full paperweight.

Hope this helps:


Thanks for the new views, Nadine. I'm inclined to think it's a very early Clichy. The frosted basal ring on the underside is a definite clue as to its being Clichy-made. The ring of millefiori is Clichyesque.

If it is Clichy, and that's my pick, you may have one of the earliest I've ever seen. I have four Clichys in my collection and my gut on this is Clichy.

Hmmm.  The yellow outside of centre cane bothers me.  

To tell the truth, so does the odd green one.  And those white and red ones in the outer ring are an unuasual construction.  And aren't the star canes too fat for Clichy?

IMHO those 'Early Clichy' IDs are still a bit suspect.

My 'guts' are telling me a different story.  I'd say Bohemian / Silesian.


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