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(Early) Clichy or St. Mande? Who knows ?

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Hi Guest,

probably the photos of the canes are too large, as the star canes are very similar to another Clichy Paperweight I have, they arent more fat in this piece.

All my weights, from Bohemian / Silesian have a yellow or yellow/green color under UV, this weight has a pale blue color, with a little gray in it.  
So I´m sure, it will be not a Bohemian/Silesian.
But I´m not sure if it´s from Clichy or from St. Mande.

The Glass is clear like the one Clichy used in their Paperweight and not gray or yellow like many Bohemian Pieces.

Have a nice evening.

Hi Nadine,

I do like these difficult-to-identify weights you find :)

I have to say that my initial thoughts were similar to those of Guest. As well as the yellow and the red-over-white in the canes, the other thing that bothered me, was the extensive bubbling around many of the canes. And the fact that the green cane is an odd one out. And also the fact that there seems to be a cane missing in that same row.

But with a blue UV reaction, I agree that it could be French.

When it comes to (white) star canes, I think almost all main makers used them, and probably in various sizes, too. I don't think they can be used for identification purposes, but perhaps some other folk could correct me on that.

So far, I have not found any canes like the red and the yellow ones in my books, but I will keep looking.


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