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Cloud glass tray,Davidsons I presume?


Found this in the back of the cupboard shame there are no pieces to go with it,Keith.

Davidson Pattern Number 8283 in Amber.  c.1923-1942.


Actually not quite, it's the Davidson No.5 tray, one of two optional tray styles offered with the 8283 trinket set, as I said in an earlier post:

--- Quote from: Anne on October 31, 2009, 10:07:24 PM ---the 8283 - an 8 piece set consisting of tray, two pintrays, two short candlesticks, one large lidded pot and two small lidded pots, but with a choice of either the no.4 oval tray, or the fancier-shaped no.5 tray like yours.
--- End quote ---

Colour is Amber Cloud (not just Amber as that is a plain colour.)

Thanks,not heard of 'amber cloud' before,I think there is a pot but it is plain brown,would the pieces missing have been like the tray?

Keith, there's a picture of an almost complete 8283 set  in Jade glass here:,29916.0.html 

For more on Cloud Glass colours see here:

The rest of the pieces in the set would also have been amber cloud, they wouldn't have mixed amber and amber cloud in a set.


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