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Probably 5 years ago there was a green glass Davidson Globe on ebay- in the final seconds went from hundreds to over $4,000.  It was beautiful.
I've never seen one again, does someone have a picture?

Bernard C:
There is a photograph at   Follow the links Cloud Glass — Davidson — Table Lamps and then scroll down a little.   Then imagine it in green cloud.

Back in 1936 the ex factory gate wholesale price of the Good Companion lamp was just under $2.00, working to an exchange rate then of approximately 1 English penny = 1 US cent.   This indicates a likely retail price for the Globe lamp then of between $5.00 and $10.00.

Now why didn't my grandfather invest in a warehouse full of them and other such delights?

Bernard C.  8)

Thanks Bernard.  I wonder where they all are....

Bernard C:

--- Quote from: "honeybunny" ---Thanks Bernard.  I wonder where they all are....
--- End quote ---

"all" is perhaps an overstatement!

Checking the green cloud production figures published in reveals that Davidson only made 27 of the large size and 60 of the small.

Taking into account the vulnerability of the lamp, I doubt whether more than a handful have survived.   Now that is really rare.  I am surprised that the bidding finished at such a modest sum!

Bernard C.  8)

These were not uncommon when I had my shop in the 1980's specialising in lighting, I had quite a few through my hands and they were relatively easy to find. In those early days of Art Deco collecting they were of course highly saleable. I had never even tried to ID who made them back then and as far as I can recall they sold around the 40 to 50 pound mark. Mostly sourced from house clearances so 40 to 50 was good value.


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