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another bamboo vase


check out Skruf:

I noticed this Skruf vase on another website 'Bamboo' designed by Angelica Gustafsson, $119.00 and 14" high, so it's an OK price for what it is I think

It would go nicely with my smaller Aseda bamboo vases but too pricey at moment / eBay just after Xmas LOL

I note there is a growing trend for factories to produce adaptations of older designs, often a company has just never stopped making the product or still hold the design patent and decide now is a time to re-launch

I see the new Skruf has 'knuckles' at an equal ratio, Aseda has two knuckles/three portions that grow tighter/closer together as they rise up the vase, I know you already know this just getting it clear in my mind  :roll:

Anne E.B.:
Is this thread for any bamboo vase?  If so, any ideas on this 'bamboo' vase?  Vertical ribbing on inside top two sections only.  Considerable wear on base associated with age. Flat 0.5" thick base with no markings.  Haven't seen anything like it and would like to know the maker/era made.

Regards - Anne E.B. :wink:

I like this one Anne.

Love the colour and the ribbing, it is a bamboo form vase, has two knuckles, it's like the reverse of the smooth Aseda with the smallest section at the bottom working up to the longest at the top.

It is interesting not being cased, that gives a better chance of attribution as Aseda and a lot of other 60s companies cased the bamboo vase.

Btw how high is it, and is the ribbing like panels?

It is turning out to be like the Fazzoletto, so many types and makers; I think that is what fascinates Ivo (and me)

Adam P

Anne E.B.:
Do you really like it???  Its hidden away behind other pieces of glass on a shelf :?  There's something about amber glass that just doesn't appeal to me.  I think I would like it more if it were a different colour, but it is very interesting.

I've looked really close at it, and the internal ribbing (or fluting) actually goes down to the bottom and not confined to just the top two sections as I previously thought.  I think it must have been a trick of the light that made me think the bottom section was smooth.  It's 10.75" high and 3.25" diam.  I'm not too sure what you mean about the ribbing being in panels (I'm a bit thick :oops: ) It is continuous all the way down.  There are no visible seams.  

I bought this one last week for 50p :!:
It was in a charity shop window in Helston and the poor woman had to risk life and limb climbing up to reach it.  I felt compelled to then buy it no matter what condition it was in :roll:   Fortunately it was mint and this one I do like, but it is probably modern unlike the other and doesn't have any signs of wear on the base (but I could be wrong).   The colour intensifies at the top. It has a thick clear base.  The shape is interesting.  More Mae West than bamboo shape :lol:

Anne E.B. :wink:


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