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I've aquired a beautiful set of glasses accompanied by "SC LINE Made in Italy" cards that go on to explain the handmade craftsmanship (written both in Italian and English). Each glass also has an SC Line sticker on the bottom. It is such a curiosity because I can find virtually no information for SC Line on the web, except for a two listings on EBAY (drinking glasses and a perfume bottle), a set of candlesticks somewhere else (I don't remeber where), and one reference (with no availability) in So what about this elusive company and why the seemingly rarity of items? I guess the older items have lost their identification labels and the company is no longer producing new items? But what of its history? Can anybody solve the mystery of SC Line?

If there is no firm information online then you may be looking at a retail label;  SC line could typically be a collection of glass, porcelain and flatware bought in from elsewhere and sold only in the US - I assume that is where you're looking from. Retail labels are notoriously difficult to research - you'd need to know the location, for a start.

Ivo, I see what you mean and a retail label makes real sense in this case...Thank you so much for your imput. I'll still keep checking from time to time on the various listings of these items for any clues, but I will no longer become exasperated due to the lack of information out there, thanks to your probable explanation. Kristine

I have been trying track down one Us importer mark/label for twenty years, it takes time. But I just found an answer to a twenty-five year mystery so be patient and keep asking :)

Thank you Frank...Now I'm beating down a path (for now) on a whim that these are cruise line gift collectables...SC (Cruise perhaps and not Crystal) Line...Silversea? Scandanavian? - I found a cruise ship on a logo image search for SC Line, but I have to translate the page first...


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