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Whitefriars big knobbly green streaky thing

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I think I've bought alarge w/f knobbly bowl in streaky green. Pontil is right and looks like pictures in lesley Jackson book, anyone know the dimensions just to double check, this is 7.5" in diameter and 3" high and weighs a lot.

Sounds like one I have packed away.  I know the diameter is 7.5" and can only guess the height which is about 3".  It is pattern number 9792 from the 1972 whitefriars catalogue.  A picture would help confirm this.

Apologies for not posting this piccy earlier but have had a few camera problems and only got it back today.


If I'm quick, I might beat Emmi to this posting...and she's really good on  on the dates and catalogues!   :wink:  :lol:   xx

That is a Whitefriars streaky knobbly bowl...I remember Peter saw one laying on my sun room floor, covered in dust and cobwebs...he was horrified!   :lol:  Great piece of heavy glass...hugely underated at the moment.  Poor thing.

Though not in to the more popular WF pieces, I do find this has a much more studio feel to it and with the light behind it is really nice.
Since joining the GMB I now look at a lot of glass in a different light and my appreciation is spreading widely though to the detriment of my bank balance.


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