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Schmetterling vase (Walther)


I am really interested in acquring a  Schmetterling vase with the 2 symetrical trapezoid butterfly ladies. Does anyone have one on sale? I have looked on eBay and other online dealers sites and was aggrieved to find that I had missed one onblack poppies site by2 months!

I noted fellow member was interested ibswapping but only really starting my collection!
Can anyone help/advise???

:0) xx

Antoinette Manchester

Hi Antoinette

Walther Schmetterling vase is not so rare and I am sure you can find them being listed on ebay oneday. Good luck!


Thanks Brenton!!!
She's a butterfly and a half to catch though!!
I went on one website and even without a picture she was sold!!!

I'll keep hanging in there it took 5 years for me to catch my butterfly girls Sega clock!!

She was worth it in the end though!!!

Keep in touch if you find any lepedoctora of the Walther Sohne variety let me know!!!
:0) xxxxxx


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