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Inkwells - "Monart", "Vasart" or Not


Hi everyone,

As promised to Frank many long months ago (before we were on Angela's new Message Board), I have now put together an article on Inkwells. This discusses five comparative examples, two of which, in my view, are nothing to do with how they are often listed for sale!
(Or use my main "Kevh Glass" page and click the link from there)

Any additional comments or views on Inkwells of the type I have shown will be gratefully received.

[By the way, why do my posting headings get truncated? Is it something I said?]

Kevin your site is getting more and more impressive.

One observation if the switch to lead glass occurred in the post 56 period why not just use that as an arbitrary distinction. In a way you already have with the qualification.

Of course that could lead to some mildly amusing descriptions. :lol:  Signed 'Vasart' so not a Vasart (ltd) weight.


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