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Vallerysthall Art Nouveau pot?


Good evening one 'n all.  Today I acquired this lidded pot.  To the OH and myself it has a look of art nouveau but we could be completely wrong.  I also think it is possibly vallerysthall but am not confident enough to say that it is.  My questions are - is it art nouveau or stylized as or maybe not at all? Help with age if not? and also thoughts on id please.
It is 12.5x11cmx8cm not including the lid.  Frosted/satin with clear and stands on a pedestal base.
Much appreciated.

Bonne Matin tout la monde,

Has anyone thoughts on this one please.


Just had the uv on this item, it turns green not glowing because I either suspect its not uranium or its too light.

It's not uranium and it's not too light. It probably contains manganese as a decolorising agent


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