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ysart bros hollow cane

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am i right in thinking that this is a hollow cane by ysart bros? the blue ground on pick up has filled 3/4 of the cane, it's the one in the middle

Hi Ray,

Let's separate the question ...

1) Is it a hollow cane?

Not in the sense of having just air in the central part - it's a completely clear glass centre.  (But some people would refer to that as being "hollow".)

Also, the white cane with yellow "dashes" has a central cane which itself has a clear glass centre containing a small rod in blue and white. The central section of that inner cane looks to be pale green but that's the colour of the thin green flashing over the clear.

Lots of canes were made with clear centres and some are completely clear whereas others have a rod or tiny complex cane as a central core.

2) Is it an Ysart Brothers cane?

Might be.

But without a confirmed match to one in an Ysart Brothers period item, it might be just as easily be early Vasart. Or it might also be pre-1946, but that even more difficult to prove.

Is the whole thing an item from a Bar Set?

spot on Kev it's from a bar set, a bottle opener, the weight end is like a big marble not like the others with a flat base, as to the hollow cane, it looks like it never has clear glass in the centre, the blue goes 3/4 up then to a point where the air bubble is and that why i thought it was a hollow cane as the air got trapped in the final gather, added some more photos

Is the metal marked England or Lassman?

hi Frank

it's marked England

who's lassman?


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