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rainbow-crystals in bracelet
« on: November 06, 2005, 02:21:28 PM »
I have a very dainty bracelet of the 'tennis' or 'theatre' type.Said to be Victorian.   Asking here because, whilst the setting is a type of mixed metal like Pinchbeck the 'diamonds' or 'stones' are apparently glass.
Have been wondering about its origins. Photos not too good. Will try some more,different background, but try description for the moment.

9 small rainbow 'stones' on each side of a main 'double setting' which resembles conjoined flowers or two hearts meeting. Large centre  'diamond-stones' are clear, surrounded by the smaller rainbow crystals.  The 'straps' or side links, are settings on little bars which slide in and out/retract, so it is beautifully flexible. Simple ring and loop fastener.

The crystals are sort of little square rounds, faceted. They sparkle like diamonds with definite stripes through them of pink and blue, giving a 'red, white and blue' effect.
It has no damage, is in perfect condition. Not mint, as it has been worn, but treasured. I bought it !somewhere! Brighton/Hampstead,somewhere in between,?? 40years ago, used to wear it sometimes. Now kept wrapped in a piece of old silk in a pouch. Too dainty and requires delicate surroundings  :!:  

Set on its side, with 'straps' curved around it could be said to resemble a tiara, for instance.  Anyone have these, know them or similar??


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