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Holmegaard trii-lobed vase in amethyst

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CAn anybody give me some insight into this vase? it's 8 inches tall..polished pontil...thx../Mike

Image gone, similar here.

Anne E.B.:
According to Miller's Collectables, this tri-form section vase is by Per Lutken c.1955.  I'm sure someone with knowledge of Holmegaard will enlighten you more.

Regards - Anne E.B. :wink:

Did the Miller's guide provide an approximate value?



Anne E.B.:
Millers give a price guide of "£100-£120".  Worth checking on the web also for comparative prices - and eBay.

Regards -  :wink: Anne E.B.

There's one currently on eBay:

Have noticed a bit of a slump with coloured Holmegaard recently, though.


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