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Hi....I'd really appreciate any info/comments on a piece of glass I acquired recently at auction please.

The basket has a pontil mark and lots of stretched bubbles.  Not sure if they are controlled though as some can be felt on the surface.  Here is a closer pic.


Please explain pontil mark - unfinished, coursely ground, gloss polished, flat, concave?
How big is it? Is the colour of the transparent glass greenish?

I sure hope someone can give a definate answer to this because I see these a lot and IMHO I really don't care for them, but would love to know where they come from. Terry

Hi Ivo

I'm afraid I'm not too up on pontil marks so I've tried to take a pic of it here

I did see someone describe one in an earlier post as being like an inverted belly button - a description which I think would fit this one.  It isn't rough, or glossy, but kind of bobbled.

The basket is 45cm (18") tall and I would say that the transparent glass is more greyish than greenish.

I haven't made my mind up yet whether I actually like it or not, but I certainly find it interesting.  I acquired it by default, along with a huge glass fish, as they were both included with a Jobling firecone bowl that I bought.

Thanks for helping.

Wow what a huge piece. I think the pontil is a sand pontil which is used for large pieces. The pontil rod is dipped in sand before taking up the piece, so it breaks off easier after it is finished & leaves a sandy rough circular mark.

It does not, meanwhile, help very much with the identification - except that it is not finished as a piece of art glass.  It could be Spanish or Belgian or from Romania or Poland.... they've all been known to make similar items at one time.
I also think it is more likely to have entered the country in a container than in someone's hand luggage.


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