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Paperweights , Ysart Baccarat, many others, auction 02Dec


Ive got my leg in plaster at the moment, so cant get to my local auction rooms,
1st week of the month its antiques and collectables, ive just looked online
and this week they have a large sale of paperweights, auction is tomorrow, so not much time,
the link is ,
click on picture gallery, glass.
I expect i should put this in market place, its just the time shortage!
Hope this is ok,
Cheers and good luck
(helpful auction, im sure they will give condition reports by phone)
Sad  :'( I cant get there to handle them!
And i meant to post this on the PWs board, but ive put it in glass instead , Doh  :hb1:

Just curious,
anyone find anything interestiing?

Unfortunatley I could not get to the auction for viewing or buying.

However, browsing the online catalogue I noted the Stankard weight with a rather low estimate (£100-150) which made a hammer price of £500. I would have been interested in that but would have needed to have handled it to guess at a true price.

Also of interest to me was the "Paul Yasart Hadland paperweight - H cane to base" estimated at £80-100 and having a hammer price of £50. I imagine that was a standard Harlerquin or perhaps Fountain design. It will interesting to see if it gets listed on eBay soon with a similar description, "Yasart" and "Hadland" :)

Also notable for the spelling was "Buggini" instead of "Buzzini" but that did not put off the buyer who recognised quality American work and paid £650 + premium and VAT (against an estimate of £200-400) for two boxed examples.

I think most of the weights seemed to sell at about their right price - unless there were some "sleepers" amongst them.

Thanks for that Kev,
sounds like they did ok, ive been going to the Auctions for years,
friendly bunch, and they sometimes get some nice bits.
(Its where i found my Mdina crizzle stone :D )


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