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Are these Bagley 3002 art deco uranium candlesticks


Could somebody put me right please are these Bagley 3002 by A H Williamson. They tend to match the trinket set but the set has different candlesticks. Thanks in advance Mark

Hi Mark, yes Bagley 3002 Whitby pattern. The 7 piece Whitby trinket set was offered with either tall or short candlesticks.

Yours are the short ones, which according to Bagley Glass (Bowey, Parsons and Parsons) are "hard to find", so well done finding some!   8)  (I've never seen any as yet.)

Thanks for that Anne was 99% sure, the photo on the Bagley museum site did not show the handles. As before if photos needed for trinket site, let me know and i will forward later. Also have a full Reich trinket set not photographed yet might be of use. All the best and thank you Mark.  :thup:
this one in blue

Yes please Mark, to both the Bagley c/sticks pics and the Reich - that's a pattern I don't have much in as yet.


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