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Info On Paperweight Needed


I recently acquired this paperweight which I would like to resell, and would appreciate any info regarding the artist, type, and value.  It is signed
"Cantor/ Wheat 1986"
Thank you in advance!

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Without actually seeing the paperweight and the signature, I'm almost positive it's an American glass collectible, made, as dated, in 1986. The glassmaker is Mark Cantor, who began his paperweight crafting with Steve Lundberg and Jim Lundberg in the 1970s. Cantor left to do his own work and was making his own unique abstract delicate feathery designs in the 1980s. Based on your photograph, this is one of his better pieces and clearly captures the light beautifully.

Thank you!  :D  Here are 2 more photos of the bottom where it is signed.  It is interesting that you mentioned the light.  In normal light the "feathery" part doesn't look so aqua blue.  When I photograph it on the black background, the flash seems to brings it out.  You can see how different a picture of the bottom against a white background looks!


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