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Hi everyone

Just wanted to share with all of you - I've just recently (i.e. 3 days ago! lol) gotten into Kosta / Kosta Boda and specifically the works of Lindstrand. And also managed to convert mum to glass collecting! *grin*

We bought a seaweed vase and what I believe to be a zebra vase - please see this ebay auction:
However mine seems to be of a deeper red (I liken it to a good glass of pinot noir or merlot held up to the light!) and my lines seem finer. Can't get a picture or the serial number as the seller will only be sending the items next week. Opinions would be appreciated please! :)

On a related note... what are the most comprehensive reference books for Kosta in particular and Scandi glass in general? Apologies if this has been covered before - I had a quick squizz through the archives but could not find anything relevant.


Colours, size and fineness of lines do very on these bits (I seem to remember there s also a very dark variation also) - probably best to wait until you can post some pictures.

Re the books for Scandinavian glass;

20th Century Factory Glass (Lesley Jackson)
Millers glass fact file a-z (Ivo Haanstra)

are both good general books

Swedish Glass Factories Production catalogues 1915 - 1960

covers a lot of Lindstrand's production work whilst at Kosta (there are a few gaps, and there's quite a lot of later Lindstrand now coming to market which I haven't comprehensively seen covered in any book).

I'm sure others will be able to ad their own favourites.

If you're really into this, I'd also suggest keeping an eye on the Scandinavian auction houses (regular modern design auctions), and Ebay, there's enough info there to build up your own reference library over time (and on this latter point I'd recommend Smart Pix Manager by - a NZ firm).


I bow to Taylog's greater knowledge, but could I also suggest:

'Smoke & Ice', Scandinavian Glass 1930-2000, by Lorenzo Vigier & Leslie Pina?

I've found that book invaluable.   :)

Agree to the above suggestions. Two more:

Jennifer Opie: Ceramics and Glass in the twentieth Century - documents the whole V&A collection.
William L. Geary - Scandinavian Glass- Creative Energies - I keep referring to it.

I knew I'd seen a darker one for sale somewhere:

1/2 way down page.



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