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Wanted August Walther Green Glass Petri Centrepiece Figure


Walther Glass:
Dear Fellow Collectors

I am keen to secure the centrepiece figure as shown in the picture attached.  This is a centrepiece figure made by reputable German company August Walther & Sons during 1930's and is called "PETRI".

It is rare but obviously still available.  I have the bowl, flower frog/insert and plinth but no figure.  I am very keen to obtain the figure so will pay good money or indeed swap if I have something that you may want.

Photo is courtesy of a fellow glass collector friend and is of the same piece which appeared on eBay recently.

I look forward to hearing from you and hope that you can help.

Kind regards and Merry Christmas to you all.

Hi Mark, welcome to GMB !   :dance:

Hi Mark!
I am still looking for this piece myself aswell as the Haarlem centrepiece.I will pay upto £500 for either item depending on condition.
I was pondering whether to swap either my Uranium Relief vase or pink Arabella lamp for either items!
Best wishes Nige
PS did you post me that picture of the Rudolf vase? I sent you an email aswell regarding my green Orla float bowl waiting for a reply?

Hi Mark

Just wondering, when did this Petri appear on ebay? I must have been missed out :(

Nige...I'll make sure I bid more than GBP 500.00 to outbid you especially if the Petri is being listed "again" on ebay and is in green uranium colour :)


Hi Brenton
It was me that discovered the listing and I was the one that sent Mark the picture.I was bidding but got outbid as usual.
I have several dealers over here looking out for me aswell as the other Walther I am after so it's bound to turn up!


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