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Bought this for a dollar from the Salvo's about 10 years ago. I quite like this vase even if it is Chinese. The red colour is so deep in this. It is just over 8 inches (20.5cm) high and almost 4 inchs (9cm) at its widest. It did have a label once, but my fault in losing it. The label was different than the one in the Pina book Fifties Glass. Round label with 'Snowflakes Made in China'.

I couldn't post this in the Chinese section on glass.

Did you ever find out about the age of this? Does anyone know the period of production for Snowflake glass?

They were extant at least during the early/mid 1980s - I found a boxed set of four 'Snowflake' vases buried amongst clutter when I helped my parents clear their shed last Summer. Apparently they were an unwanted gift given around that period.

So, included in a book of '50s glass and still about in the '80s. There must be zillions of very similar items! Perhaps only matched in repeated output by Mdina!  :pb:

Woops, I just sold mine recently. May have got the date wrong on the listing (but it went to a collector of Japanese/Chinese glass thankfully).

As to being zilllions of them, you are probably right but I have been waiting about 11yrs to find a second one of these to no avail. Have never even seen one listed on aussie ebay!

These seem to have been mass produced but never seem to pop up any where  :o


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