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ID'd: Karl Wünsch for Borske Sklo c1960

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Anyone have any ideas about where this lovely vase comes from ?

Looks very much like the works of Karl Wünsch for Borske Sklo around 1960 - except that Karl signed his works and used a double opaque layer for cutting through - so this may be a later production variant?

I asked Peter to post this, as much to share the images, (which are wonderful, Peter, thank you) as to get confirmation of possible origins. I thought this might have been Wunsch, but it is unmarked, and no opalescent casing left some doubt. Peter's role as relay post is much appreciated, and as isp problems are still causing difficulties here, I felt it might be better for Peter to post images from the UK.



Judith Miller 20th century glass page 172

Exactly the same piece (height 30.5 cm yes ?) but blue cut through to amber.

Described thus:
Cylindrical vase in pale amber overlaid with blue glass, cut with vertical and horizontal fluting. Probably Czechoslovakian. 1930s.
£90 - 150.
The picture and price estimate were derived from a Dreweatt Neate auction (acording to the coding) - no details when though.

Thanks for this Taylog1,
much appreciated and interesting to see the description.


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