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Published on the 16th december 2009 this private limited edition of 150 is to my knowledge the first and only comprehensive book on the subject of dump paperweights, mantel ornaments, doorstops and associated whimsies made by glass bottle workers from "dumped" or "left over glass" in the period of hand blown glass bottles 1820 to 1914.

Numerous photographs with descriptions are scattered within the text and the main details can be viewed within five views on ebay under selling section "victorian paperweights" or the author can be contacted, via the email icon to the left, for further information.

One important chapter on the history of the kilner bottle making empire is uniquely based upon a very rare recently discovered pamphlet published on dec 1st 1894 to celebrate the 50 year jubilee of the kilner operations and contains many etchings and photographs including nine photographs of the kilner family who ran the business from yorkshire and london.

The book is dedicated to the late william drew gaskill of san francisco who had over 600 dumps and the major items in his collection are included with the permission of his executors and the paperweight collectors association inc of the usa and fourteen copies of the book have already been purchased by american collectors and others have been sent to australia and germany.

...........Peter Sellers(collector and author)  

Stop press news for all with an interest in paperweights and particularly collectors of English Bottle Glass Items known as Victorian Dumps.
There has just been published, what is believed to be the first and only existing definitive book documenting the history and the making of these fascinating and primitive items.
Within its 133 pages there are chapters on The People and their Environment, The Glass Works, The Kilner Era (with detailed extracts from a rare privately published pamphlet dated 1894 to celebrate the fifty years of Kilner bottle making), The Glass Tax, The Collector's Viewpoint, Doorstops, mantel Ornaments and Paperweights, Associated Whimsies together with three pages of actual auction hammer prices for sixty six dumps sold at Lawrence's Auctioneers in 2009.
There are one hundred and thirty photographs of fully described examples which include many rare and hitherto unseen dumps many of which have been specially chosen from the fabulous collection of six-hundred dumps from the collection of the late William Drew Gaskill of San Francisco, the Past President of the Paperweights Collectors Association Inc of America and which have been included by the kind permission of the executors.
This is a quality privately published book with an initial circulation limited to one hundred and fifty copies and is only obtainable form the author.
Currently priced on eBay at thirty nine pounds plus £5 UK and £12 overseas postage full details can be seen under the eBay selling section" Victorian Paperweights".
The author is to attend the prestigious 15th Cambridge Glass Fair to be held at the Chilford Hall Vineyard, Linton on Sunday 28th February 2010 which houses over one hundred specialist exhibitors from across the UK and Europe.

After just three weeks since publication over fifty books have already been dispatched
throughout the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany and The United States of America.

The book is shortly due to be reviewed by The Northern Paperweight Society, The Paperweight Collectors Circle and The Paperweight Collectors Association Inc, the major paperweight collector's association in the United States of America. 

Does the book have a title or is it the same as the topic subject?

It's helpful to have book info posted in the following format to make it easier for members to locate the books for sale...

Date of publication
Format (paperback, hardback, CD etc.)
Cover Price

Followed by a description of the book and what it covers.

Link/s to more info and/or places where the book is on sale.

The contact with eBay "Victorian Paperweights" site mentioned in the text will answer the majority of Anne's queries.

However, to save members logging on to eBay where there are also, in addition to describing the book contents, five pictures of the contents etc. I give the following information to assist.

 The Author is 78 year old Peter Sellers (not the Goon..he is dead)..privately published and financed following four years research..hence £39 plus postage December 16th 2009...150 copies only (49 already gone UK and world wide)...soft ISBN....only obtainable by eBay under selling in section "Victorian Paperweights" or direct contact with the author at .....
Also will be undertaking book signing at the 15th Cambridge Glass Fair 28th February 2010 with any copies left!!!!!!
I hope this assists everyone?    Peter Sellers

Update from Peter Sellers on 24 Feb 2011:

--- Quote ---To whom it may concern...
As only 12 books are left on Victorian Dumps Whimsies I do not advertise sales on ebay and the only method of purchase is via contact directly to the author. I have no plans to re-publish.   
Regards Peter Sellers.
--- End quote ---


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